Sunday, March 1, 2009

20 things about myself

Today , I restarted blogging after a long time.I contempletd for some time , but thought would break the ice with this small piece I wrote to discover myself.As I was writting this , I realised that I was writtting this more for myself ,than for any web visitor.Here is this ....for myself:-

I love cycling
I love playing tennis and cricket
I enjoy writing a good piece in English , I find well written texts and passages interesting
I enjoy driving on highways.
I love crispy dosas
I relish ice-creams and desserts
I like clean places but hate cleaning.
I don’t like telephones(I do not wish to remain connected all the time)
My views on a lot of issues are slightly left off center
I wish I could have been a swimmer.
I am a strong believer in the institution of marriage.
I wish I could sing or play a musical instrument
I respect self-made people
I hate braggers.
I wish there was more equitable distribution of wealth and resources in society.
I do not like religious discourses.
I hate television soap operas.
I take time picking up a new language.
I love country music
I am not very gadget friendly.

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