Thursday, May 7, 2009

Blogging Hiatus

Yeah , returning back to blogging after a hiatus!!Feels nice, just could not manage to get into the mood to write a post.What really inspired me today was reading through quite a few very well written blogs, the first thing in the morning.I was planning to start writing again , but could not break the shell.Well written, means, written straight from the heart, not too flamboyant,but one that really makes you continue reading.There are some great blog writers , who write on simple everyday stuff which all of us go about doing everyday; what really sets their posts apart is the that they can hold the readers interest.I hope , they continue writing , inspiring unhurried souls like me to start clicking regularly.
I have no particular topic in mind to write.It's summer in Mumbai with election results round the corner and nothing really much happening apart from some IPL action.Yeah , I did take a small break driving down to the konkan coast for a much needed break.Maharashtra has a long and lush green coastline which few states can match.There is an abundant catch of fresh fish all along.We chose Harihareswar because we had never been there.It's a beautiful beach , shallow and very long.What's particular great that this weekend getaway offers you to get completely cut-off from the hustle of Mumbai (in fact cell phones do not work there !!!!). By the time we had actually reached there after a long drive, we got the shock of our trip !The reality dawned on us that we may not get an acco to stay.We were actually lucky to scrape through the last hotel room available on a long weekend.
We enjoyed some walks along the beach and the tall waves drenching us over.It was something we badly needed from the hustle of Mumbai.This makes me realise what a weekend getaway can do to charge your batteries.I am now determined to take these breaks more regularly.A long drive , check in to a calm place, beside the sea for a weekend, soak in the place and then back to work.
This is the kind of holiday I am looking forward to now, rather long ones in a guided tour fashion where we keep ticking off places which we visit of our register.For me , this place is a must see again!!I hope it remains serene like this and the tourism industry sharks don't eat it up dotting it with innumberable hotels and guided tours!!

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  1. keep reading more!!! You write better after reading.

    So...... When does my next holiday happen???